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Professional. Custom. Web Design for Charlotte Businesses

BRNater Media is the design suite of developer, Brandon Nater, offering powerful web design and development solutions for the entrepreneur, small business owner, and the SMB.

Our business is to provide an excellent service in building custom websites that effectively do what a website should for your brand: introduce your product or service to your audience, help you gain leads and convert them to paying customers, and overall simplify your business processes by having your website carry some of the load for you. You should be wary - very few firms are able to do all three well.

We build websites that have purpose. With experience on over 50 custom website projects in 2013 alone, we have the knowledge and expertise to transform your business goals into an effective website that converts visitors to customers. BRNater Media delivers websites that are easy to manage, providing you with measurable results, helping you to continue building your brand.